Dealing with Unauthorized Resellers

Dealing With Unauthorized Resellers On Amazon

The option of working with third-party sellers is generally a positive feature of Amazon. After all, what better way to promote your product to the public than to have multiple people dedicate their time and creativity towards making sure that your product is seen and purchased. However, dealing with unauthorized sellers can be detrimental to your brand. Here is why you should be working to stop unauthorized Amazon sellers and  how you can help protect your brand:

Types Of Unauthorized Sellers

Before you can stop unauthorized Amazon sellers, it is helpful to identify the three major types.

  1. Listing hijackers – individuals who push their own products on your listing
  2. Third-party resellers who are violating MAP pricing -individuals who are undercutting your profits
  3. Finally, there may also be sellers who happen to be selling your product despite the fact that you’ve never had an agreement.

In this last case, if the seller is doing a good job, you may actually consider reaching out and initiating an agreement.

Why Unauthorized Sellers Hurt Your Brand

Unauthorized sellers hurt both you and your brand in several ways. First, they are costing you money by hijacking a listing and selling without authorization.  In most cases, they are also or violating your preset minimum price. In each of these cases, you risk being unable to financially recoup the work that went into creating, developing and marketing your product(s).

In addition, unauthorized sellers can hurt your brand’s reputation. Here are a few ways that an unauthorized seller can hurt your brand.

  1. Shipping mistakes -This could result in a lost or delayed product.
  2. Provide poor customer service -This could result in poor reviews on your listings.
  3. Sell your customer a counterfeit of lesser quality -This might be the worst one. This can result in losing customers.

At the end of the day, your customer will associate this interaction with your brand and that is a serious problem for your brand’s reputation.

Stop Unauthorized Amazon Sellers

The best way to stop unauthorized sellers is to remain vigilant. As soon as you know that they are on your listings you need to take swift action. You can report the problem to Amazon or take more drastic actions such as litigation depending on the specific circumstances.

Unauthorized sellers have become one of the major frustrations for brands trying to sell on Amazon. That’s why having Amazon brand protection is so important Fortunately, Amazzia is here to help. We specialize in protecting your brand and your products on Amazon from unauthorized sales. Contact us today and let us help you protect your brand.



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