Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander


With hundreds of unauthorized sellers undercutting its price, Pedal Commander partnered with Amazzia to win back the buy box and restore its retail price.


Pedal Commander found its most advanced throttle response controllers selling $102 below its retail price on Amazon, with hundreds of unauthorized sellers undercutting the price to win the Amazon buy box. This MAP violation negatively affected Pedal Commander’s brand reputation, leading the brand to look for a solution before the retail price dropped further.

  • Over 293 unauthorized sellers on all Amazon listings
    Over 293 unauthorized sellers on all Amazon listings
  • Retail price dropped below 65%, violating MAP
    Retail price dropped below 65%, violating MAP

Our Amazing Solution


Amazzia’s Brand Protection team worked tirelessly to eliminate the 293 unauthorized resellers on the Amazon Marketplace. Within 60 days, our team had removed 93% of these resellers from all of Pedal Commander’s listings. From there, we further refined the brand’s Amazon infrastructure, overhauling the A+ content, product descriptions, and product images to build brand consistency on Amazon.

Removed 93% of unauthorized resellers in 60 days


Our dedicated Brand Protection team kept a watchful eye on Pedal Commander’s product listings to uphold the brand’s reputation against any problem sellers. Through rigorous 24/7 monitoring, our diligent team was able to shut down all unauthorized resellers who attempted to defy the MAP agreement.

Monitored product listings 24/7

Dedicated Brand Protection team


To help the brand expand its presence in the Amazon marketplace, we dove straight into Pedal Commander’s product listings. We optimized all listings for the Amazon search engine to ensure that Pedal Commander dominated the top search results and launched paid advertising campaigns on Amazon to boost product and brand awareness. Pedal Commander’s page in Amazon’s organic search ranking rose exponentially as a combination of SEO and paid advertising efforts.

Optimized listings for Amazon search engine ranking

Launched effective paid advertising campaigns on Amazon


Removed all MAP violators in 90 days

Increased prices by 66%, restoring to full MSRP

Enforced 100% compliance with MAP agreement among resellers

Within the first 90 days of partnering with Pedal Commander, our team removed all 293 problem sellers and put control back into the brand’s hands. Pedal Commander’s prices jumped back up and were restored to the full retail price of $299.99. From the 293 sellers, there are only two approved buyers, both of whom comply with the MAP policy set forth. Today, sellers looking to distribute Pedal Commander’s product on Amazon must adhere to the MAP agreement and honor the branding guidelines enforced by Amazzia and Pedal Commander.

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