Our Clients Who Are
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Our Clients
Who Are Amazing
on Amazon

Our Clients
Who Are
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At Amazzia, we partner with exciting brands across a multitude of industries. Everyday we work tirelessly to live up to our promise to make our clients amazing on Amazon. The ultimate success of our partner brands is at the heart of everything we do from brand protection to Amazon sales to growth strategies

Unauthorized Seller
Relief for Poison
Ivy Cream

Zanfel is a poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac relief cream. It is the first go-to remedy to relieve itching and pain after the exposure and is the only known product to remove the toxin responsible for the reaction. As such, Zanfel is carried by major drugstores, grocery stores, and boutique pharmacies. It is also available on Amazon.

Unwavering MAP Enforcement for Curly Hair Products

Curly Hair Products is a Canada based hair care company. They manufacture a series of products used for curly hair treatments. Creating products that are effective in strengthening and softening dry frizzy hair was not easy, but it was very rewarding. Now millions of curly hair heads can’t imagine their daily hair routine without these products.

Brand Protection Treatment for Anti-Frizz Hair System

Pure Brazilian is the best professional hair smoothing system. Customers love this treatment for its lovely scent, ease of application, gorgeous effect, beautiful packaging, and consistent results. Thousands of stylists use Pure Brazilian products every day and also sell them to their clients. These products are also available on Amazon.

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