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Your Online Brand Protection Partner.

As E-Commerce sellers, the constant surveillance of your buy box can be exhausting. The very platform that brings you sales can also steal them, and that is where we come in. Amazzia cleans, protects, and monitors your listings 24/7. Ensuring your future sales are protected from any gray and black market sellers. As well as keeping your online brand reputation safe from any customer dissatisfaction. We partner with you to keep online headaches to a minimum. It’s not enough to just bring in sales, protecting them goes hand in hand for a successful product listing. Your future successes are ours and we work diligently to keep your brand growing healthy.

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Clean Up Your Buy Box

Keeping track of unauthorized sellers can be a bit of a mess. That is why Amazzia works with you to develop a customizable removal strategy to keep your listings clean.

Protect Your Brand Integrity

Don’t let shameless black market sellers taint your listings’ authenticity with fake imitation products. We will ensure to keep your customer’s trust intact.

Monitor Your MAP

Let us monitor your brands’ MAP and guard your listings against undervalued sales. Our proprietary software will ensure your listing is protected 24/7/365.

Need an Extra Pair of Hands?

It is difficult enough growing a business in these competitive online marketplaces but having to fight off and guard your listing from unauthorized sellers is another job in itself. It can be a messy process keeping up with all the legalities as well as protecting your organic growth and customer loyalty. Your buy box should be free from any black market sellers and safe for your customers to purchase. By lending a second pair of hands our team can alleviate the stress of crowded buy boxes, and protect you from any further inconveniences. 


Your Product is a Reflection of Your Brand

It is imperative to be protective of your customer’s cumulative retail experience. The entire process from purchasing to checkout and delivery is important. In order to keep your customers satisfied. If black market sellers get a hold of the sale your customer will not only be receiving a lower-end product but will review the product as a reflection of the brand. Resulting in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. 

At Amazzia we not only protect your customer’s rapport with your brand but allow for future sales to be done in a safe online environment.

Trustworthy Partnerships

It is important to keep authorized sellers on an even playing field. Where everyone can grow at a healthy pace and sales potential is at its best. When we allow others to break MAP, it makes for a mess of a product listing. Where no one benefits and everyone loses. At Amazzia we monitor all of our retailers under the same surveillance and keep everyone’s best interest at heart.


Growth is Strategic, Not Spontaneous

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Brand Protection

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This means keeping your growth at a healthy pace. The Hare never wins the race and the same can be said about a successful business. Protecting your listings from unauthorized sellers is not all it takes to have a successful
E-Commerce business. Creating an optimal online experience for your customer entails much more than that, from design to distribution, Amazzia has you covered.

Our team of experts will walk you through our various tiered programs and together carefully select what the best plan is for your overall business.

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Full Service

Need help optimizing your listings? Can’t seem to manage your work orders? We offer various tiered programs that can help cater to your needs. Ask our team of experts about our programs and select the best plan for your business.