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“Amazzia has grown the Pure Brazilian brand exponentially. We love the service and the results. Strongly recommend! Thank You!”

Stacy Kaufman, Manager – CC Beauty Collection


Pure Brazilian brand was intended to be sold via a network of professional salons and stylists at a premium price point. When brand’s products started to appear on Amazon, everyday trading price went to less than 50% of retail and there were over 20 unauthorized resellers competing for the buy box. This Amazon frenzy was undermining Pure Brazilian’s main distribution strategy success while making their most loyal customers unhappy. To make matters worse, some resellers were selling store returns in unacceptable condition and damaged packaging, while others sold opened bottles with diluted content as new.

  • Over 20 unauthorized resellers
    Over 20 unauthorized resellers
  • Price dropped below 50%
    Price dropped below 50%

Our Amazing Solution


Amazzia removed 100% of Pure Brazilian’s unauthorized resellers within the first 45 days. Minimum advertised price violations and damaged/used products nightmare became a thing of the past. Our team took control over Pure Brazilian’s product pages and, with the brand’s approval, we enhanced product images, infographics, and descriptions. All product pages were optimized for Amazon search engine with a purpose to consistently dominate the buy box.

Removed 100% of unauthorized resellers in 45 days

Enhanced product images, infographics, and descriptions

All product pages were optimized for Amazon search engine


Pure Brazilian’s team fully relies on Amazzia to make sure that all product information is accurate and consistent; and no changes are made without brand’s prior approval. Our team continues to remove all rogue sellers as soon as they attempt to infringe Pure Brazilian’s trademark, violate MAP agreement, or make unauthorized page edits. We provide Pure Brazilian’s team with weekly and monthly reports on Amazon sales statistics, trading price trends, unauthorized sellers attempted activities, test buys results, and much more.

Dedicated Brand Protection team

No more trademark violations

All sellers adhere to MAP agreement


Through targeted advertising campaigns, SEO strategies, product reviews improvements, and skillfully managed distribution, we were able to exceed the brand’s wildest expectations when it came to selling on Amazon. In 2019, Pure Brazilian’s Amazon sales grew 226% compared to the prior year. Our team also developed a beautiful storefront for Pure Brazilian’s products. All products are now well organized making it easy to differentiate between items and improve overall shopping experience.

Sales grew 226% compared to the prior year

Launched advertising campaigns and Amazon SEO Strategy

Developed a new and improved Amazon storefront



Amazon sales doubled in the first year


Removed all unauthorized sellers


Enhanced storefront and products page

After partnering with Amazzia, never again did the Brand managers have to worry about unauthorized sellers, discounted price rollercoaster, or customer purchasing a half-used bottle of shampoo. Working with Amazzia had another profound effect on Pure Brazilian’s business, Amazon listings went from being a source of management’s anxious insomnia to becoming an amazing marketing tool. Enhanced storefront, well-managed, controlled, and protected product pages promoted the brand well beyond its original market reach.

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