“I can not say enough good things about what Amazzia has done for this company, both in distribution and with regard to the retail. Within 60 days, the number of unauthorized resellers went from 37 to five and then to zero!!!!”

– Steve Sisler, VP Sales


In line with its MAP agreement, 1 oz. tube of Zanfel wash was selling for $39.99 at Long Drugs pharmacy. That same tube became available on Amazon for less than $13. The problem escalated quickly, because soon there were over 50 different unauthorized sellers competing for the Amazon buy box. What’s even worse is that all these Amazon sellers were not buying the product directly from the brand, they were getting it on Amazon’s marketplace somehow else. Among other things, Amazzia’s team was hired to solve that mystery.
  • Over 50 unauthorized resellers
    Over 50 unauthorized resellers
  • Price dropped below 68%
    Price dropped below 68%

Our Amazing Solution


First things first, our team did a sample Amazon product buy. We quickly discovered, many resellers were selling store returns as new products. Amazon mystery solved! Some items were sold damaged, some were poorly repackaged, and some were even opened and used. Our Brand Protection team started to take immediate actions and just 60 days later, Amazzia removed 95% of unauthorized resellers and cleaned up the amazon catalog leaving only proper and accurate pages live.

Removed 95% of unauthorized resellers in 60 days


Our dedicated Brand Protection team continued to monitor Zanfel’s Amazon page and removed any and all unauthorized sellers who attempt to defy MAP, violate Zanfel’s trademark, or damage the brand’s reputation in any other way. We update their management team on all Amazon activity on a weekly basis. Our team also provides detailed monthly reports that cover everything from sales and inventory to brand protection efforts we take.

24/7 monitoring on product listings

Dedicated Brand Protection team


Our marketing team implemented Zanfel’s Amazon listings overhaul ensuring that all the messages and images were accurate and descriptive. Amazzia’s team now controls Zanfel’s Amazon inventory supply making a big difference in customer satisfaction. Customer reviews and star ratings have improved as a result, boosting Zanfel’s page in Amazon’s organic search ranking.


Control of Zanfel’s Amazon inventory increased overall customer satisfaction


Boosted brand’s organic search engine rankings


Price restored to full retail for 2 years ongoing


No more trademark violations


All sellers are 100% compliant with MAP agreement

Consumers today can easily shop for the product as there are only 2 main listings available and all unauthorized variation pages have been removed. Unauthorized sellers are now reliably removed and the pricing has been restored to full retail of $40 and maintained consistently for 2 years. Sellers that now sell Zanfel’s product on Amazon adhere to MAP agreement and honor manufacturer’s branding guidelines. All inventory is purchased from the brand itself and is not supplied from store returns, liquidated, or stolen inventory. No more trademark violation either!

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