Amazon Account Management

Control Your Brand on Amazon

Our proven process delivers results in less than 90 days. Amazzia’s Amazon Account Managers will help you regain control of your listings and presence on Amazon.

Take Back Control of
Your Brand on Amazon.

Our initial process starts with taking immediate actions against MAP violators and unauthorized sellers and streamlining your Amazon distribution channel. We partner with you to protect your online reputation and provide marketplace enforcement for true brand control.

Customized Brand
Protection Strategy

Taking back control over your brand on Amazon is a very confusing process. Have you tried doing it on your own? If so, you know how difficult and frustrating it is. After endless rounds of “we need more information” and “we’re still reviewing this for you”, brands just want to give up. When you partner with Amazzia, you get a team of Amazon experts who have years of experience communicating with Amazon and getting the results we want. We will work for your brand and craft a customized brand protection strategy that will be enforced on Amazon.
Brand Protection Strategy

MAP Policy

With 24/7 monitoring, pricing remains under your control. Amazzia’s experts, not software, will continuously review your listings to detect MAP violations, reverse brand value erosion, and restore price equity across the marketplace.

Quality Control

Great customer experiences are impossible without a reliable and effective distribution channel. Amazzia will be your partner in quality control. We ensure your brand’s products are authentic and meet the highest standards of packaging, labeling, and kitting. We also ensure that your Amazon customers do not receive counterfeit, used, or expired products.
Quality Control

Unauthorized Reseller

Using effective and proven strategies, our team of Amazon experts find and eliminate unauthorized sellers from your brand’s listings to protect your online reputation, save your customers from counterfeit or expired products, and ensure maximum sales.

Let Us Show You the Proof!

Let us partner with you to provide Amazon marketplace enforcement and brand reputation protection against counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers in the online marketplace. Our customer’s successes speak  to what we can do. Reclaim your brand’s Amazon presence with Amazzia.