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An Extension of Your Marketing Team.

At Amazzia we wish to share and become part of your company vision; to bring your ideas and our expertise together to create a solid foundation in the digital space. E-commerce has become the center of a global phenomenon, with its massive growth and over 100 million virtual shoppers looking to buy new products every single day. We know the struggles and daily roadblocks our online businesses face and hope to become the leaning shoulder of support for anyone we partner with. In these trying times of financial fragility, shipment delays, and oversaturated markets, the strain on businesses has become intolerable. At Amazzia, here in Los Angeles, we know Amazon advertising and pay per click ads are essential, which is where we come in to help companies across the nation!


We walk with you, not ahead of you but beside you. With over 20 years of e-commerce experience largely focused on the Amazon and Walmart platforms. We can confidently say there is no marketing strategy left unturned. We know what collaboration requires and make it our precedent to not “set it and forget it”. Partner with Amazzia in Los Angeles and see why Amazon advertising and pay per click ads are key to your eCommerce business!

Los Angeles Amazon Marketing & Distribution

What Goes into a Marketing Partnership with Amazzia

Category and Competitor Research

It is of the utmost importance for our team experts to familiarize themselves with your product before we dive into auditing and creating your new content. We take the opportunity to thoroughly research your top competitors in order to provide successful viable work that delivers!

Product Research

Listing Optimization

Let the diagnosing begin! We view your listing with a 360 approach, meaning we see everything as a collective of 1. Whether it be backend keyword research, SEO optimized titles, bullet points, or aesthetically pleasing infographics our team of experts will deliver the best work possible in order to ensure your listings thrive no matter what e-commerce marketplace you choose to compete in. Our digital package will set you up and place you at the top of your competitors without question.

PPC Advertising

Throwing money at your PPC is not going to solve your campaign performance issues. When you partner with Amazzia, here in Los Angeles, our team of Amazon advertising and pay per click ad experts will thoroughly analyze your campaign to find the root of the problem and adjust your campaign accordingly. As much as “money can’t buy happiness” it also can’t influence the market. Growth is strategic, not spontaneous! Join us and unlock your full market potential.

PPC Advertising Metrics
Performance Reporting

Product Performance Reporting

Data! Data! Data! Data has become the most valuable word in the e-commerce world today. What worked, what didn’t? Who clicked? Who bought? What campaigns gave us returns? What can we adjust? At the end of the day we know results matter, that is why we work with you and create custom performance reports to ensure all the information is in your hands with full and complete transparency. In order to develop, and uphold a trustworthy partnership that will further reinforce our mutual values. Join us and gain a partner you can count on.

But Wait There's More!

data-driven approach

Brand Protection

digital marketing




While having a strong strategic marketing plan is important to the success of your e-commerce business, there is more that goes into ensuring that your business thrives across different marketplaces, from design to distribution, Amazzia has you covered.

Our team of experts will walk you through our various tiered programs and together carefully select what the best plan is for your overall business.

full-service business solutions

Full Service

Losing control of your brand identity? Can’t seem to manage your work orders? We offer various tiered programs that can help cater to your needs. Ask our team of experts about our programs and select the best plan for your business with Amazzia here in Los Angeles. Our Amazon advertising and pay per click ads will help you boost your website and regain your brand identity!