Humanize the Digital World

At Amazzia, we believe in real people creating real solutions. Software products simply can’t measure up to our team’s capabilities or match our proven results. We successfully guide you through the complex, impersonal, and extremely automated world of the Amazon marketplace so you can enjoy 24/7 brand protection and maximum sales.

Our Foundation

Our company is founded on a peculiar idea – to build a team of people who love doing what most others find irritating. We navigate the complex, impersonal, and extremely automated world of the Amazon marketplace. We mean business, but also have fun along the way.

Our Name

We’ve brought together a superhero team of experts in Amazon business, marketing, compliance, technical, and creative services. Such a team of stellar leaders and innovators could only be named one thing – Amazzia. Equipped with an amazing name, our team embarked on a mission to partner with exciting brands, across a multitude of industries. Through personalized service and expert knowledge, we forge ahead and guide these brands to be amazing on Amazon.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Mike Fikhman
Chief Executive Officer
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George Fikhman
Chief Corporate Services Officer
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Daniel Le Blanc
Director of Operations
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Dan Malbon
Director of Business Intelligence
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Macarena Rivas
HR Manager
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Sendi Romero
Brand Manager

Priscilla Arellano
Brand Protection Manager
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Kayin Hunter
Marketing Manager 
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Brent Gray
Account Executive
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Candice Kennedy
Partner Development Coordinator
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Joey Montoya
Account Manager 
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Sarai Jacinto
Marketing Coordinator 
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Rubaie Jaffer
Graphic Designer
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Giovanni Castañeda
Graphic Designer
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Parham Bakhti
Staff Accountant
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Samina Rodriquez
Accounting Assistant
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Giselle Gonzales
Accounting Assistant

Joshua Weg
Data Research Analyst
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Melissa Hurtado
Sr. Project Coordinator
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Kelly Abou
eCommerce Supervisor

Kourtney Allen
eCommerce Coordinator
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Kyle Groft
eCommerce Coordinator
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Narek Hidirsah
eCommerce Coordinator
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Josue Gomez
Warehouse Supervisor


Troy Valdez
Sr. Warehouse Associate


Rolf Spaeth
Warehouse Associate

Empowering Brands
to Thrive Online

Empowering Brands to Thrive Online

Each day, Amazzia excels at providing its partner brands with a foundation, systems, processes, infrastructure and talent that allow for all pieces of Amazon management to fall into place. Amazzia takes the reigns and removes a growing brand’s burden of going it alone. We solve challenges in navigating the Amazon marketplace, all while empowering brands to thrive online.
Empower Brands

Amazzia Values

At Amazzia, we enable people to live better lives. We know that achieving truly exceptional results is impossible without teamwork, dedication and cultivating a solid partnership with our clients. Through our values, we actively promote and sustain a positive and efficient work environment.
Amazon Growth Strategies
Amazzia Values

Continue Learning & Growing

We strive to continually educate ourselves and progress towards being amazing.


Speak Up

Be positive and open-minded to find innovative solutions. No Idea is too small.


Trust In

Encourage and leverage personal strengths to create a trusting, collaborative team.


Speak Up

Our team is dedicated to cultivating a work culture that welcomes innovation and creativity. By supptorting a positive and open-minded environment, we encourage epic brainstorming sessions and outside-the-box thinking. All team members are given the creative freedom to stretch their boundaries, get the blood flowing, and find inventive solutions to demanding problems.

Embrace Change


Change is an opportunity to be amazing.


Be Passionately Engaged

Our enthusiasm and dedication results in a spirited team that produces the best work of our lives.

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