1P to 3P Transition

1P to 3P Transition

Own Your Brand on Amazon

Want to move from Vendor Central to Seller Central? Unsure if moving from 1P to 3P is the right transition for your business? Our Amazon Insiders not only work with you to see if this is the right move for your brand but also help make the transition easy. By guiding you through the entire transition from 1P to 3P, Amazzia helps you increase your profits and take ownership of your brand. Our eCommerce business in Los Angeles will take your Amazon marketing strategy to new heights! We serve companies across the nation

Why Should You Move from Amazon 1P to 3P?

Safeguard Against Unauthorized Resellers

Ownership of Your Brand

Take command over your catalog, inventory levels, brand presence, product details as well as your advertising efforts
Brand Protection Service Can Help On Amazon

Higher Profit Margins

Set the retail price you want to capture the full margin on your products and sell the complete product line without cherry-picking SKUs
Proper Keyword Research on Amazon

Access to Customer Data

Use customer data to make better-informed decisions and empower your marketing efforts through look-a-like audiences

How We Help You Sell Directly on Amazon

Performance Reporting

Identify Opportunities

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. That’s why our Amazon Insiders take the time to evaluate your brand’s capabilities to make sure the switch from 1P to 3P is financially justified. We help you estimate the best- and worst-case scenarios so you can make well-informed decisions on whether a move to Seller Central is right for your business. Our eCommerce business in Los Angeles has Amazon marketing strategy experts that can assist you. Contact us to learn more today!

Create a Transition Plan

Our team creates and executes a customized transition plan to phase out your shipment of 1P POs and begin fulfillment through the seller account. Our transition plan is designed to reduce any risks you may encounter, creating a seamless transition – from start to finish – that puts your brand back in your hands.

Amazzia 1P to 3P Opportunities
Amazzia 1P to 3P Support

Provide Continuous Support

Until your brand is fully transitioned to 3P, our Amazzia Insiders offer continuous support to help you grow your brand, from optimizing your product listing to placing POs for your new seller account. Our eCommerce business in Los Angeles will ensure your Amazon marketing strategy is the very best that it can be.

Let’s Scale Your Brand on Amazon

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with one of our Amazon Insiders to:
  • Identify whether the move to Seller Central is right for you
  • ​Learn how the 1P to 3P transition will be managed for your business
  • Develop a plan for reaching your Amazon sales potential with our team