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We are dedicated to your revenue growth. Our team here in Los Angeles will fulfill your search engine optimization and online marketing needs. Amazzia will work closely with you to identify new opportunities and develop personalized eCommerce sales strategies that address your specific growth challenges. Depending on your specific needs, we will guide you through our flexible, turnkey solutions to equip you with the best solutions your brand needs to succeed.

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Manage Day-to-Day Operations

Our Amazon Insiders work with you to make sure your products are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) compliant and ready to be sold. Once we receive the initial order, we take care of all logistical aspects including, inventory stock levels, customer service, returns, and compliance issues, so that you can focus on other areas of your business. We are here to help you improve your search engine optimization in Los Angeles and nationwide.

Inventory Management

Our team provides you with a weekly forecast to help you stay in stock and avoid long-term storage fees.

Sales Planning

We help you manage your daily velocity by continuing to replenish FBA and increase unit sales, so your orders are successfully fulfilled.

Customer Service

We act as an extension of your customer service team, managing your buyer messages and product reviews to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Create Custom Marketing Strategies

Traditional business strategies are no longer enough; a brand needs a thought-out, customized marketing strategy to guarantee optimal selling performance in the complex and ever-changing eCommerce Marketplace. Our success-driven marketing team handles the in-depth market research to create a personalized marketing strategy based on your product’s category, industry, and competitive environment.

SEO We examine your critical keywords to create clear, descriptive, and keyword-rich text for your product listings to increase traffic and conversions.

Content Optimization

We overhaul your brand’s A+ content through content optimization to enhance your product listing, from titles to descriptions to images.

PPC Advertising

Our eCommerce Insiders work with you to create an effective PPC campaign designed to increase revenue and ROI and maximize channel sales.

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Protect Your Brand

From removing unauthorized sellers to building your eCommerce infrastructure, our eCommerce Insiders protect your online reputation and rebuild your brand’s presence in the marketplace so your brand can achieve its ultimate sales potential.

eCommerce Infrastructure

We help you construct a custom eCommerce infrastructure, including a full reseller policy, MAP policy enforcement, and unauthorized reseller protection, that will preserve your brand’s value.

24/7 Monitoring

To help you solidify your brand’s presence online, we continuously monitor your brand and protect it against all unauthorized offenders that violate MAP or infringe on your trademark.

Unauthorized Resellers By talking to the right people at the right time, we eliminate all unauthorized sellers and MAP violators from your brand’s listings to preserve your MSRP and save your customers from counterfeit or expired products.

Transition Seamlessly to 3P

Wondering if you should switch to 3P? Our eCommerce Insiders take the time to evaluate your brand’s capabilities to make sure the switch from 1P to 3P is financially justified. From there, we design and execute a customized risk-free transition plan to phase out your shipment of 1P POs and begin fulfillment through the seller account. Allow our team in Los Angeles to take your search engine optimization to the next level!

Amazzia 1P to 3P Support

Our Amazing Brand Stories

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  • 159% Sales increase in the first year
  • 95% Removal of unauthorized resellers in 60 days
  • 100% MAP compliance
  • 47% Increase in Amazon sales in the first year
  • 100% Removal of unauthorized resellers in 45 days
  • 100% Product pages optimized for Amazon search engine
  • 226% Increase in Amazon sales in the first year
  • 100% Removal of unauthorized resellers in 45 days
  • 100% MAP compliance
  • 100% Price recovery
  • 95% Removal of unauthorized resellers in 45 days
  • 100% MAP compliance

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  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts,
  • Identify specific opportunities to enhance your brand’s growth efforts, and
  • Develop a customized plan for reaching your eCommerce sales potential with our team.

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