Monitor Amazon Sellers

Why Everyone Should Monitor Unauthorized Sales

Whether you are a big brand or a small one, unauthorized sellers can pose a serious threat to your business. With large markets such as Amazon, in particular, unauthorized third-party resellers can be particularly problematic.

Here are three reasons that you should consider paying extra attention to your sales:

Brand Quality Protection

Unauthorized sales monitoring helps protect your brand from copycats. While the concept of knockoffs is not new, a bad or poorly functioning product imitation can seriously hurt a brand’s reputation. This might not be a problem for world famous brands but it can cause serious issues for smaller brands. Smaller brands haven’t had enough time on the shelf to make a name for themselves and this makes it easier for copycats to fool your customers. Most people know that a Prada bag can be faked, and many sites will even have a list of helpful tips when it comes to identifying an original. Will they be able to tell the difference in your product?

Brand Reputation

Along with product quality, a brand is defined by its story and its customer interactions. When unauthorized sellers or copycats get ahold of your product and misrepresent your brand, customers associate that poor customer service with your brand name. This could result in losing customer loyalty and your customers may stop buying your products.

MAP Protection

Another major reason for unauthorized sales monitoring is MAP protection. As the brand owner, you have a right to set the minimum and maximum prices for your products. Any seller that violates your preset minimal price, or MAP, is acting unethically and should be stopped. The way to act against  MAP violations is by reporting them as an unauthorized seller. This can be can be a daunting process for inexperienced users.

Unauthorized sales monitoring can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do this alone. Working with an experienced company like Amazzia can help you protect your brand. Contact us today for more information on brand monitoring.



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