improve the customer experience

What is Amazon Posts?

improve the customer experience

Amazon Posts is a new experience that shifts a customer’s focus toward brand-level shopping. This new feature allows a brand to help shoppers see what else a brand has to offer by allowing them to create a feed of shoppable images. Each post will link to a product detail page and include category tags so shoppers can explore all of a brand’s products by related categories.

Why Should You Participate in Posts?

As of now, Posts will be a free-to-use feature, that will allow you to help your brand stand out even more by publishing more product-focused content that you might already be creating for social media. Best of all, brands will have access to an assortment of different engagement metrics, including views, clicks, and CTR. All of these metrics will be easily accessible from Amazon Posts.

How Does it Work?

Posts will live in the detail pages of your products, and related products, so as a brand, you will still have to work on optimizing your listings, and improving your overall ranking. As a customer browses through Posts, they can sort through different feeds and narrow-down their focus to specific categories. 

Below every post in the feed, there will be a “show products” button that a customer can press, and it will take them directly to that product listing. Having this new shopping experience will allow customers to gain a unique opportunity to see all of the products your brand carries, outside of just the currently existing storefront feature.

How Should I Manage my Posts Content?

content is king

Treat Amazon Posts as an extension of your currently existing social media plan. The high level, interactive images that you are already creating for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will fit in perfectly here. With it being a new feature, we encourage experimentation, try a few things out and see what sticks. Different methods work with different audiences. There is no perfect one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for every brand across the board. Each brand knows its own audience best, and we suggest you start with that in mind. Cater to the audience of your brand.

Brands will be able to publish multiple posts for the same product, as well as across a wide range of products. This variety will allow you to not only elevate the appearance and reputation of your brand on the Amazon platform but also lock-in and focus on your better-selling products. 

What Makes a Post?

Just like on other social media platforms, there will be a profile icon, your custom imagery, and a caption. The difference is that here, on every image, there is a “Show Products” icon that will take you directly to the listing of the featured product and relevant category tags that will be auto-populated by Amazon.

Where Will my Posts Appear?

As of today, there will be four places where your posts will show up.

  • Brand-owned detail pages
  • Related brand detail pages
  • Related post feeds
  • Category feeds

How Do I Sign Up?

sign up now

Once you are active in Vendor Central or Seller Central, enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, and have a US Store, you are eligible for enrollment. All you need to do from here is sign-in on Amazon Posts using your advertising console credentials, and create your profile by verifying your brand name and logo. After these simple steps, you are free to start uploading your new content!



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