Amazon Cyber Monday Checklist

The Amazon Cyber Monday Checklist

In a perfect ideal world, your Cyber Monday strategy was already on lock weeks ago. The good news is that it’s never too late to double check your store and make some quick adjustments. We created a quick checklist with five main points for you to review before the big day. Check it out! 

1. Set Up Special Discounts

Let’s be honest, during Cyber Monday everyone is looking for the best deal.  Make sure your products, especially the best-selling ones, have the best competitive price.  During Cyber Monday it might be difficult to keep the price competitive, so we recommend to use the auto pricing feature to automatically set the price of your item competitively and efficiently.

2. Optimize Your listings

Cyber Monday is the perfect time for your products pages to shine! Add new eye-catching pictures and informative infographic. Double check your titles, bullet points and descriptions to make sure that nothing is missing and implement your backend keywords with terms such as holiday, deals, gift, Cyber Monday, etc.   

2. Consider Offering Free Shipping

Cyber Monday is all about online shopping and the opportunity to easily get your favorite items right to your door, free of charge. Free shipping is simply the best way to offer the perfect deal to your customers. Offering free shipping incentives your customers in making the purchase, increasing your sales volume.

4. Double Check Your Inventory

If you want to maximize your profitability this Cyber Monday, you have to make sure that your inventory is well stocked, especially your best selling products. High sales seasons bring different kinds of pressures for online sellers and if the item isn’t immediately available, customers might go to another vendor to make their purchase.

5. Support your Customers & Rethink Returns

With so many online options available, customers will probably need extra information and will want fast answers to their questions.  The faster you can provide them support, the more likely they are to make the purchase and the higher the chances they will buy from your store again. It could also be helpful to extend your return policy.  Make it fair and clear so that your customers can feel at ease when they buy from you.

Cyber Monday is one of the craziest and busiest days when it comes to online shopping, but getting ready for it doesn’t always to be. Enjoy these quick tips and happy sales Amazon Sellers!



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