Gifts That Will Impress Dad For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner, treat your dad to something special this year. Our composed list of gifts covers different aspects of a father’s interests, so you can be sure to get him something he really enjoys. Show your favorite man in your life how much you care with these unique and useful presents! 




Swiss Air brand, Boneco, creates high-quality air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, and many other hybrid air cleaning products. The Air Washer W200 Purifier and Humidifier works to ensure that your home is getting the cleanest air possible. The evaporator mat rotates through the water enriching the air with moisture. The water serves as a natural filter that frees air of impurities (such as particles like pollen & dust). There is also an integrated fragrance container for essential oils for additional well-being. Finally, with easy cleanup and dishwasher-safe components, the W200 is the perfect gift for dad to keep his office, living room, or bedside air clean, especially with all of the time spent inside of the house these days.




The Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer is the first and only pad washer that cleans all types of buffing pads on dual-action and random orbital buffers. Clean foam pads, wool pads, buffing bonnets – you name it! The unique design of the Universal Pad Washer accommodates any dual action polisher to clean pads without even removing them from the machine! It uses the power of your polisher to agitate pads. You don’t have to scrub and scrape – just let the polisher do the work for you. Insert the pad into the pad washer, turn on your polisher, and let the grid insert clean and dry all your buffing pads. Unlike other pad washing systems, the Universal Pad Washer works with all polishers. 



Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller that removes response delays on a car’s electronic gas pedal. Some newer vehicles lack the responsiveness that came with older throttle cables, so it doesn’t matter how fast you push your gas pedal to the floor, you don’t have access to all the power your vehicle has to offer. This is the solution! Pedal Commander can be installed in 10 minutes or less. It is a complete plug-&-play system that connects above the gas pedal and stays inside the car, you don’t even need to pop the hood. If you can plug in a lamp, you can install Pedal Commander! There are versions for almost every car model and your dad will appreciate the gift of speed this Father’s Day!



This car detailing kit from Wizards Products includes 7 must-have products to make your dad’s car sparkle and shine. The kit includes Mist-N-Shine professional detailer, Power Cleaner tire & wheel cleaner, Tire & Vinyl Shine protectant, Wizards Wash concentrate, Shine Master polish and sealant, round applicator pads, and a multi-fiber detailing cloth. With everything a man needs to keep his car looking pristine, this car detailing kit is the perfect gift for dad!




The Mini-Ductor Venom from Induction Innovations is the tool that every guy needs in his workshop. It’s a handheld, flameless torch that leverages Invisible Heat® to heat ferrous metals in seconds. Using high-frequency magnetic fields, the Mini-Ductor releases corroded or frozen hardware and other metallic components from corrosion and thread lock compounds – all without the collateral damage normally associated with torches. Impress dad this year with this unique tool! 




Earth Science’s Face & Body Skin Balm is designed as intelligent skincare for men. This nourishing, non-greasy lotion for normal to dry skin contains hyaluronic acid, aloe and other skin soothers to lock in moisture and keep skin feeling smooth, soft and comfortable after shaving, and all day. The fresh all-natural cedar mint fragrance will keep your dad’s skin smelling as good as it feels. 


The Mane Choice has created a unique hair and beard oil + butter balm for men. This balm works to protect, nourish, and soften a man’s face, hair, and beard. It also helps to improve natural shine and soothe skin after shaving. A staple item for every bearded man in your life, this balm will keep them happy and their hair looking healthy! 



Finally, a lot of men struggle with hair loss as they get older. Fortunately, Nisim has created this Hair & Scalp Extract with AnaGain to help improve hair growth for men. It helps to control excessive hair loss. The formula contains AnaGain, which is a natural and sustainable contributor to fuller and thicker hair. Based on organic pea sprouts, AnaGain is designed to stimulate specific signal molecules in the dermal papilla required to reactivate hair growth. Thanks to its unique composition, AnaGain successfully offers a sustainable and novel approach to fight hair loss. This Biofactors Hair Extract can be the solution to the hair loss problems your father may be facing!  



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