“I have worked with Amazzia on two independent brands now. It’s a big help with the unauthorized sellers on Amazon. The team is engaged and very professional and responsive. We are very happy with Amazzia.”

– Yulia Zimmermann, Senior Director, Sales and Channel Marketing


Qardio noticed that its award-winning devices were being sold at $12 below the retail price on Amazon. While trying to pinpoint which resellers were in violation with its MAP agreement, Qardio discovered something bigger: 65 different unauthorized sellers competing for the Amazon buy box. Before its retail price could drop any further and detrimentally impact its brand perception, Qardio had to find a solution – fast.
  • Over 65 unauthorized resellers
    Over 65 unauthorized resellers
  • Retail price dropped $12, violating MAP
    Retail price dropped $12, violating MAP

Our Amazing Solution


Our team of Amazon Insiders discovered 65 unauthorized resellers on the Amazon Marketplace. So as a first step, our Brand Protection team took immediate action and in 45 days, eliminated 95% of MAP violators from all of Qardio’s listings. We further built out their Amazon infrastructure, implementing a full reseller and MAP policy in addition to full unauthorized reseller protection.

Removed 95% of unauthorized resellers in 45 days


Through our 24/7 monitoring, our dedicated Brand Protection team kept a watchful eye on Qardio’s Amazon product listings to help solidify their brand presence. Any unauthorized resellers that attempted to violate MAP, infringe on Qardio’s trademark, or damage the brand in any way were proactively shut down. Our round-the-clock monitoring ensured that all sellers adhered to the MAP agreement – no exceptions were made!

Monitored product listings 24/7

Dedicated Brand Protection team


To improve Qardio’s online reputation in the Amazon marketplace, the next step was to tackle any misrepresentation diluting the brand’s equity. We hunted down false claims, corrected misleading product descriptions, and reported falsified images as part of our brand protection efforts. As a result, customer reviews and star ratings on the main product listing began to improve. Not to mention, our team kept an open line of communication with direct reporting to keep Qardio informed on any changes.

Protect Account

Protected against misrepresentation


Delivered direct reporting


Enforced 100% compliance with MAP agreement among resellers

Restored price to full retail

Removed all unauthorized sellers after 90 days

Thanks to Amazzia’s dedicated Brand Protection team, consumers are able to easily shop for Qardio’s products on Amazon today. All unauthorized resellers have been removed from the platform, bringing control of the buy box back to the 2 approved sellers. In addition, with MAP pricing enforced 24/7, Qardio’s pricing has been restored to the full retail price of $149.99. Sellers looking to resell Qardio’s product on Amazon must adhere to the MAP policy and honor the manufacturer’s branding guidelines set forth. Now, Amazon has become an amazing marketing tool for Qardio!

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