Amazon Adjusts Image Count

Amazon Adjusts Image Count to Ensure Quality Over Quantity

Optimizing product images is extremely important for a listing’s success on Amazon. Users typically scan through images to not only see what your product looks like, but also its design, function, and usage. These photos tell your shoppers’ relevant information necessary to make purchasing decisions, and they are a key component in driving conversions. 

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While many factors are required for creating compelling product images, we are only going to discuss one of those factors in this article, and that is – Image Count (or the number of images allowed for each listing.) Previously, sellers were allowed to include up to 9 images of their products, but this has recently changed to only allow for the viewing of 6-7 images depending on if there is also a video. (Note: 9 images can still be viewed when the photos are enlarged, but this may change over time as well). 

Research has shown that the average customer reacts best when shown 5 product images, which helps make the most of this new lower image count observation. Perhaps this new change is to enforce the quality of images over the quantity to help customers make faster-informed purchasing decisions.

As Amazon is ever-changing their listing standards, we have noticed this new rule being implemented randomly over time. However, with the general customer shift towards mobile use, it is important for sellers to adapt to these new standards because they are mostly being enforced on Amazon’s app. 




Important Takeaway: With Amazon’s new 6 photo Image Count rule, when creating your product images, remember to have a high-quality main image and interesting and diverse additional images to stand out from the crowd and really let the customer see all of the useful aspects of your product! 

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