Amazon During the Holiday Season

5 Tips For Staying On Top Of Amazon During The Holiday Season

It’s a known fact that the holiday season is one of the busiest times for online shopping and sales. Amazon is no exception to the rule. While consumers are enjoying the benefits of shopping online, it is also a time for brands to expand their consumer base and bring in some of the largest profits of the year. One of the challenges of this time of year is preparing for the influx of sales. There are two options, you can do the heavy lifting yourself (assuming you have the manpower) or you can employ an Amazon Marketing agency, like Amazzia.

Here are five tips for keeping your brand on top of the holiday craziness:

1. Start Early

Most brands start advertising for the holiday season immediately after Halloween. Starting a little later isn’t bad, but it is recommended that you begin advertising holiday deals before Thanksgiving as many consumers are eager to get holiday shopping out of the way.


2. Pace Your Offers

Black Friday is traditionally a time for great deals. However, you want to leave a few offers open for Christmas and even the New Year. This helps encourage consumers to return to your brand even after holiday shopping is finished.  

3. Offer Rewards

Offering rewards for brand loyalty is a smart tactic for consumer retention. Many brands have now expanded this concept by offering points for participation, social media involvement, and even reviews.

4. Tap Into Amazon Tools

Amazon offers several tools for brands and sellers such as the Amazon Brand Protection Registry which helps you protect your brand and streamline your marketing campaign. Other tools help you track your success on Amazon by tracking the efficacy of your social media campaigns and advertisements.

5. Partner With A Reliable Marketing Agency

It isn’t always feasible or wise to divert all of your attention to Amazon sales- especially when Amazon is not your only platform- during the holiday season. This is where an Amazon marketing agency can help your brand succeed on Amazon while you focus on other aspects of growth.

Whether you are looking for a reliable Amazon marketing agency or want to ensure that your brand is protected, Amazzia is here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help your brand.




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