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5 Things To Look For In An Amazon Advertising Agency

One way to ensure your brand’s success in the Amazon marketplace is to hire an experienced Amazon advertising agency. Keep in mind that there are pros and cons to hiring third-party help, and not all agencies are made equal.

Here are five things to look for in an Amazon advertising agency:

Amazon Search Engine Mastery

The Amazon algorithm or the A9 sorts all the listings based on search terms entered. Your listing’s ranking and relevance will heavily depend on the quality of your listings copy. For instance, if your brand sells essential oils and a consumer enters ‘essential oils’ into a search, the A9 will compare your listing with competitors and rank products for the customer’s search. Ideally, you want your product to appear near the top of the search, or at the very least on the first few pages. The best way to boost your ranking in the search is to work with an expert Amazon marketing agency that can provide a good SEO strategy.


Working with Amazon can get complicated. Your Amazon marketing agency should have a good working knowledge of Amazon’s protocols to help ensure that issues are resolved correctly and promptly.

MAP Protection

As a brand owner, you have the right to set the minimum advertised price or MAP. A good Amazon brand advertiser will work with you to help ensure that your MAP preferences are enforced across third-party sellers.

Brand advertising

Between the A9 and the need to entice consumers, marketing on Amazon is competitive. Any brand marketer you choose should be able to promote your products across Amazon’s multi-faceted marketing platform.

Honesty and Integrity

While credentials are important, you should also ensure that you choose an agency is reliable and honest. Think of it this way, your goal is to create a partnership that will grow your brand on Amazon. While working with an Amazon advertising agency has plenty of benefits, you will need to choose carefully to achieve your desired results. Amazzia offers a team of experts who are dedicated to helping you grow your brand. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your brand presence.



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