5 Things Can Hurt Brand On Amazon

5 Things That Can Hurt Your Brand On Amazon

Amazon offers a huge market for your brand. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of risks in a larger market. Here are five things to watch for to protect your brand on Amazon:

  1. Counterfeits: Have a counterfeit enforcement in place, or at least a plan for dealing with counterfeits. While some famous brands don’t have to worry about counterfeits because their consumers can tell the difference between a real and fake Prada bag. Other brands cannot afford to be copied simply because their shoppers don’t know the difference yet. Having a counterfeit enforcement plan in place is the first step to protecting your brand on Amazon and beyond.
  2. Unauthorized Third-Party Resellers: While working with third-party resellers is a great way to grow your brand, some individuals will resell your product without your permission. These unauthorized resellers may violate your policies and provide lower quality products which ultimately hurts your brand.
  3. MAP Protection: As the brand owner, you have the right to set the minimum advertised price, or MAP for your products. Unfortunately, some people simply will not follow your MAP guidelines. This problem usually arises from unauthorized third-party resellers but even one of your authorized partners may be guilty of the infraction.
  4. Poor Listings: Having an attractive listing is critical to your success on Amazon. If your listing is poorly written or out of compliance with the Amazon algorithm, your product simply won’t sell.
  5. Listing Hijackers: On the other hand, a really good listing can be targeted by hijackers who will try to take credit for your hard work. Most of the time, listing hijackers are pushing products of poorer quality and, when a customer is dissatisfied, they will associate the problem with your product which ultimately hurts your reputation.

If you need help protecting your brand and products on Amazon, Amazzia is here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow.




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