Looking for an Amazon Distributor

4 Things To Look For In Your Amazon Distributor

Working with Amazon can be amazing in terms of brand growth. However, it can also be frustrating when it comes to distribution and brand protection enforcement. Fortunately, there are qualified distributors that can help ensure that your brand shines on Amazon. Keep in mind though that not all distributors are alike.

If you are looking for a distributor, make sure that they offer these key aspects:

Brand Protection Enforcement

While protecting your brand on Amazon is extremely important, not all distributors will go the extra lengths to offer brand protection enforcement. Keeping an eye on your brand in a vast marketplace like Amazon is tremendously difficult, which is why having an experienced distributor that offers brand monitoring and protection is helpful.

Prime Participation

At this time, Amazon offers Prime in all 50 states and has other deals for places outside of the US mainland. Prime also offers attractive video and discount options. Individuals who are members of Amazon Prime expect brands to adhere to said benefits. If your distribution is unable to meet Prime timing and shipping requirements, your brand will be at a disadvantage with Amazon Prime customers.

Bundling Options and Shipping Compliance

Consumers want to have all of their Amazon ordered products as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost possible. Bundling options can save you on shipping costs which will help you reduce prices for your clients. Meanwhile, you should also work with a company that is FDA compliant as non-compliant distributions will face a variety of logistical and possibly legal problems.

Amazon Listing Optimization

While some distributors will simply ship your products, Amazzia will work with you to help your products succeed by ensuring that all your listings are optimized to Amazon’s standards. We work to help your Amazon listings stand out and we also provide keyword strategy to increase the SEO. When considering a distribution company, find out about their additional services.

Finding a good distributor can be crucial to ensuring that your product succeeds on Amazon. At Amazzia, we offer distribution, brand protection, and brand optimization services to help clients succeed. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow!



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