10 Of Our Favorite Optimized Listings on Amazon

Just one look into the back-end of Amazon will give you a peek into how complex the platform can be. On top of that, even if you do manage to navigate through the menu successfully, Amazon still occasionally throws new difficulties at you as a store owner. From spontaneously reverting your listings to a pre-optimized state to de-indexing your products (making them completely unsearchable), there are many different complications that you might run into while running your Amazon store.  

If you manage to adapt to Amazon’s constant changes and difficulties, there are ways that you can showcase your products in a beautiful and informative way. Below you’ll find a few examples (in no particular order) of our favorite optimized listings and a brief explanation as to why it made our list.

1.) Joanna Vargas Skin Care


Joanna Vargas Skin Care shows us an excellent example of the capabilities of a fully put-together listing. From high quality, eye-catching product images, to captivating bullet points, this listing gives a great first look at the product. It presents an informative introduction to the brand and an authentic look at how they present themselves to the world. The A+ Content that this brand uses allows them the additional opportunity to present eye-catching graphics. They also get to pack in extra information that they usually wouldn’t be able to cover due to the character count restrictions placed on creating the bullet points.


2.) Modoker


Modoker is a backpack that sets itself apart by using the images at the top of the listing as an opportunity to present an in-depth view of the look and feel of the product. They keep their bullets short and to the point while honing in on some of the more specific details of the product, i.e., dimensions and features. From there, they use the A+ Content as an opportunity to provide context for the product. The first few images give insight to the customers as to where they could wear it, and the different kinds of things they could fit inside of the backpack. 


3.) Pure Brazilian


Pure Brazilian is a collection of hair care products that takes a different approach and uses the images as an opportunity to cover the significant selling points of their particular product, and then go in-depth on those points in the bulleted copy on the side. The way they handle their imagery further emphasizes their branding and uses them as an opportunity to display the personality of their brand further. The A+ Content they have is a visually pleasing way of showing more information in an easily digestible format.


 4.) BioGanix


BioGanix is a supplement company that uses Amazon as an extension of their website and mirrors its existing content to adjust it to fit Amazon standards. All of their visual content reinforces the brand and allows them to ingrain themselves into consumer’s minds. From icons that cover their major selling points to infographics that discuss vital product features, they use their space in the best way for their brand. The way they use A+ Content to dive deep into the benefits of their product is a great way to handle supplements. 


5.) Greenies


Greenies is a pet dental treat company that efficiently uses its allotted space. Their bullets are presented in a straightforward manner and convey their points in a consumer-friendly way. Easily digestible information seems to be their gameplan, and they carry that method out throughout their listing down to A+ Content.


6.) Crack Hair Fix


Crack Hair Fix is a vegan haircare brand that prides itself on being the one kit you’ll need to solve your hair maintenance related issues. With a clean and calming aesthetic, they express their branding in a way that puts the buyer at ease. They take their bullets as an opportunity to cover the unique selling points of their product while they use the images to reinforce the brand initiatives and break down how easy to use the product is. Crack Hair’s A+ Content tells the brand story and displays clean comparisons of all their products and what their specific use is. 


7.) Touchstone


Touchstone is an electric fireplace and tv lift brand that uses their character count to the full extent to craft a story that gives their customers every additional reason to picture themselves with a Touchstone device. The images on the listing serve the purpose of portraying the size of the device so consumers can verify with their own spaces. A+ Content is where they get into the particular device-specific details and selling points for each product while using the visual space to show the personality of the brand. 


8.) We The People


We The People is a firearm holster company that uses their allotted space to drill-in the specific reasons why a consumer should choose their holster brand over another. Instead of using their page to talk about the weapon and run the risk of having their products de-listed by Amazon, they choose to be extremely specific about the materials used within their product, the comfort, and ease of use. They use the images and A+ Content as their outlet for some of the more specific features of the product where they can overlay information on top of the product to highlight critical points. 


9.) Dream Water


Dream Water is a supplement brand that provides a non-habit forming sleep aid. With their listings, they chose to use the bullets to educate their consumers and make sure to communicate the essential selling points of their product. The infographic was created with a minimal design, while still keeping the purpose of the product in mind. Dream Water uses A+ Content as their opportunity to showcase the personality of their brand and give consumers a look at the science behind how their product works. 


10.) Gun Oil


Gun Oil is an adult lubricant that makes sure not to go over the top with showing customers the adult context behind their products. Their imagery is carefully selected and designed to show off the unique selling points of their product. The bullet points further elaborate on these points and help give consumers a reason to purchase this brand over another. They continue to build out their listings with A+ Content, where they take advantage of the additional characters and modules to highlight the product features in a way they would not have been able to within the confines of the rest of the listing. 


If your brand is struggling to hit the mark on Amazon to make your listings stand out, reach out to Amazzia today. Our expert marketing and graphic design team can help you with branding, copywriting, upgraded images, high-quality A+ Content, a shoppable storefront, and much more!



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