Why Your Amazon Sales Will Increase Even More

2020 saw a massive boom in e-commerce sales. Projections have shown a 32% increase in eCommerce revenue at the end of 2020 compared to what experts thought it would be. Now it is 2021, and it is time to ensure your brand is reaping the benefits of this shift. If your business has not already jumped into the e-commerce space, specifically Amazon – now is the time.

Consumers who had been reticent to online shopping were forced to jump on the bandwagon, and low and behold, some of the most vocal Luddites to the online shopping ecosystem are now huge advocates. They tout the control, price comparison shopping, and convenience as the top factors in their permanent shift from traditional retail shopping. In the past, it was a struggle to get one pack of water up to your fifth-floor apartment; converts now order 10 cases straight to their door without having to lift a finger. Additionally, the joy of perusing the aisles of a store now directly competes with perusing the endless shopping options on the internet – especially Amazon. When a non-digital consumer wanted a product, say an air purifier, and went to their local hardware store – they would have a limited selection. However, on Amazon, they are offered a much wider variety of choices and benefit from access to consumer reviews. This modern way of shopping has given consumers the ability to make even more informed buying decisions and allows smaller brands to be seen by a broader audience. 

Additionally, the brick-and-mortar shakeup caused by the pandemic forced companies to get creative. Owners of spas that have exclusive product lines that could no longer be bought in their lobby stores were forced to turn to the internet to get their products in consumers’ hands. Now, there are more products available to consumers online than ever before. At first, these transitions seemed temporary; the idea ‘we’ll sell online for a few months just until our store is back open’ has turned into a whole year of ‘who knew we could remain so successful solely selling our products online.’ These originally brick-and-mortar-only brands will never return to their old-school sales and marketing tactics – they’re only going to rely more on their online experiences. 

With a profusion of new online shoppers combined with a glut of newly-sold online products, the eCommerce space will continue to increase its share of consumers’ wallets. This also will create a surge in digital marketing efforts.

What does this trend mean for your brand?

We can’t speak for the entire eCommerce industry, but if there is one thing we know – it’s Amazon. When it comes to selling on the internet’s largest marketplace – as a brand owner, you need to succumb to the fact that if you’re not selling your products on Amazon, someone else may sell your brands on that platform. (To learn more about this – read up on how people are getting your products here.) At amazzia, we have worked with hundreds of brands frustrated that a rogue (or even sanctioned distributor) is reaping the incremental revenue that could go to your bottom-line; this can be avoided by taking control of your brand on Amazon.

Unlike selling your products to large retail stores where they control your goods’ location and placement, selling on Amazon allows you to control how your brand is presented to the world. Incorporating SEO, PPC, and page optimization of on-page copy and images enables brand owners to flourish on Amazon. You may also be competing against brands that are not maximizing their Amazon store, allowing you to gain market share and brand awareness. We have found that focusing your Amazon messaging and creating a best-in-class store can dramatically improve revenue. Our clients average a +35% increase in first-year revenue by allowing amazzia to redesign their Amazon experience. 

2021 will be a sea-change year. If you have not moved to maximize your Amazon experience, you could be forgoing the opportunity to grow top-line revenue and find new customers. Following amazzia’s advice, you can set your brand up for success via e-commerce platforms, specifically Amazon. If you feel that taking on another sales channel seems too overwhelming, do not fear! amazzia is here to help you enter the e-commerce world by taking care of everything Amazon! Please reach out to our team today if you want to achieve your true Amazon potential!



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