Hiring Amazon Marketing Agency

Why You Need To Hire An Amazon Marketing Agency

Why would you want to hire an Amazon Marketing Agency?

How will it benefit me and my pocket?

Can’t I do it on my own?

These are questions that you’re probably asking yourself. Amazon is a one-stop shop for almost anything from kitchen utensils to workout gear. For sellers, Amazon provides a great way to grow your business not only in the US but worldwide. Because of its brand recognition and its ability to sell in several countries, working with Amazon means that you can reach many and on have a base foundation of consumer trust. All of this together makes Amazon a lucrative market, and naturally, this creates some serious competition.

If you are looking to seriously promote your brand or brands on Amazon, you should consider hiring an expert in Amazon marketing.  Here are just a few benefits of working with a qualified Amazon marketing agency:

Amazon SEO Strategy 

The Amazon algorithm is unique and different from Google’s. It’s referred to as the A9. It works similarly in the way it searches for relevant content based on your query, but the SEO rules are not the same. Amazon will feature countless listings for products. In most cases, consumers are given choices from the first page of options to compare and select -this list is based on the product listing’s ranking.

Listings that are not ranked highly are not on the first page or even the top three, and if that’s your listing you’re overlooked or never seen. This ultimately leads to missed opportunities and lost money. To get to the top of the list, however, sellers must appease the Amazon algorithm with the right search engine optimization strategy. The A9 is unique so having help from an experienced Amazon marketing agency professional can give your products an advantage.


Amazon Listing Optimization

To be successful in your Amazon business your listings need to stand out. Each element of an Amazon listing will determine whether your listing will appear on the first page of results and more importantly whether consumers will want to buy your product. The anatomy of an Amazon listing consist of product photography, product copy, enhanced brand content, category and subcategory ranking, and they all dynamically come together to optimize your Amazon listings. Needless to say, it takes a team of expert marketers to make the magic happen.


Amazon PPC Ad Strategy

Google has Adwords and Amazon has Amazon PPC, (pay-per-click). Do you want to give your Amazon listings a little boost?  Then launching an Amazon PPC Ad campaign through the seller central is the right move. These ads will appear in the search engine results, and just like other online ad platforms, they compete based on keyword bidding. Ads can also appear on product pages, headlines, and on the Amazon weekly email newsletter.

It’s clear to see why you would want to jump on this opportunity, however, without the proper strategy and expertise your advertising efforts can become costly. ACoS or Acquisition Cost of Sale is a percentage that shows you how much it cost YOU (the seller) to sell a product through your ad. The best way to keep your ACoS down is through creating a balance of the right keyword and the right bid amount. This can become tricky and requires constant monitoring. A good Amazon marketing agency can provide Amazon PPC Ad Strategy as a service and help get your products moving and selling!

Whether you are just starting out or looking to get competitive in Amazon’s marketplace, a qualified Amazon marketing agency like Amazzia can help. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.



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