Marketplace Protection Enforcement

What Is The Point Of Marketplace Protection Enforcement

Marketplace enforcement and brand protection are important for several reasons. This is especially true in large online markets such as Amazon, where you may be working with multiple third-party sellers.

Whether you are new to Amazon or are a seasoned user, here are several reasons to ensure marketplace enforcement and brand protection:

Enforce MAP

Minimum advertised price violations are one of the biggest reasons that brands seek help with Amazon marketplace enforcement and brand protection. As a brand owner, it is your right to set prices. In most cases, your price helps you recoup all the costs for materials and product development while also generating a profit. Unfortunately, third-party resellers do not always obey MAP pricing regulations.

Here’s some other uncomforting news, Amazon does not act on reports of MAP violations and in fact, it takes advantage of them. Customers look for the lowest price and if Amazon can provide them, they will. That is why it’s so important that you work with resellers that will enforce your MAP guidelines. Amazon doesn’t have a way to identify MAP violations either. This means that you would need to search through all your listings and identify the violation and report them as an unauthorized reseller to Amazon.

Protect Your Ideas And Products

Unethical third-party resellers and imitators may try to make easy money off of your idea by copying your brand or selling at lower prices. Because Amazon is a large digital marketplace, it is fairly easy for someone to steal your idea for profit. As a result, the value of your brand can begin to go down.

Defend Your Brand

A bad copy of your product or even bad customer service by an authorized reseller can seriously damage your brand’s reputation. While some consumers may leave positive product reviews when satisfied, many more will leave reviews of a poor product or bad customer experience. Negative reviews can hurt your brand reputations both on Amazon and within other markets.

If you and your employees have better things to do than scour Amazon for potential MAP violators, consider partnering with a professional protection agency. At Amazzia, product and client protection are key. At Amazzia, we value the work that our clients put into products and can help not only with brand protection but also with Amazon advertising and more. Call us today to find out how we can help protect and grow your brand!



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