Tips to Optimize Amazon Listings

3 Tips To Optimize Your Amazon Listings In 2020

The key to your Amazon success for 2020 depends on two things: driving traffic to your listings and executing an effective Amazon Strategy. These two components will help optimize your listings and maximize your conversion rate on Amazon. Amazon listing optimization is your first opportunity to reinforce your branding, and ensure customers that what they are about to purchase is the real deal.

We put together the ultimate Amazon Strategy guide so you can fully optimize your product listings to maximize your sales during 2020.

✓ Keyword-rich Copywriting

✓ Product Images

✓ A+ Content (Formerly Known as Enhanced Brand Content)


As a buyer-based search engine, Amazon’s ultimate goal is to connect shoppers with the product they are looking for and as a result, drive them to buy it.  Therefore, Amazon adjusts its algorithm and SEO practices to prioritize listings that best serve the consumer. Amazon offers several areas for content that can be optimized to improve listing ranking and increase conversion rates. The end result is higher sales. 

Product Title

The title is the first part of your listing that your customers will see. It should be clear, concise, and informative.  It is a good idea to include some of the most important keywords in your product titles. This will help your customers in understanding the key benefits of your products and will positively impact your product ranking.

Example of Informative Amazon Title


Product Bullet Points

The bullet points should be concise but also informative. This gives your visitor’s a quick overview of your product. A lot of sellers underestimate the importance of bullet points. Although many customers don’t look at your product description, it is still crucial in driving your traffic. With bullet points being the first written content that customers see, they need to include all of the important information and convey it in an eye-catching manner. 


Example of Keyword Focused Amazon Product Bullet Points

Product Descriptions

Even though some of your customers will actually never fully read your product description, this is still is a good opportunity for you to dive into details about your brand and your products. The product description is your opportunity to sell your product as the best on the market. Share some valuable information about your company, your products, and show off your brand personality. Having an informative product description on your listing is an important part of the optimization process, and keeping your customers informed with all of the reasons why they should choose your product over another.  


Product Images

When it comes to the perfect Amazon Strategy, good copy is only part of the equation. Online shoppers can’t really feel and see your products the same way they could do inside a store, so your product images must be able to bring your product to life. Since online shopping has turned into an integral part of the consumer process in 2020, having images that reflect the quality of your product are important in solidifying the legitimacy of your product on Amazon and improving your brand reputation online.

Example of Quality Amazon Product Images


Your product photography should:

  • Show your product from different angles
  • Include product packaging
  • Show products through lifestyle images
  • Help customers understand the size of your product
  • Show important product features
  • Reinforce the product’s USPs (Unique Selling Points)

You can find more information regarding Amazon Product Image Requirements here

A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content)

Competition in the Amazon Marketplace has increased exponentially in the past few years. Compelling copy and professional product photography are just not enough anymore. A+ Content is another content opportunity that can help finalize the optimization of your listings on Amazon. It creates the opportunity for your products to stand apart from your competitors.

A+ Content is an exclusive feature available for Brand Registered Sellers that is aimed to enhance the presentation of your products. It will replace your product description and it provides you with the opportunity to display even more key features and benefits of your product and brand via images and copy. A+ Content is still underutilized, but it is definitely an opportunity you should explore.

Amazon A+ Content



Are you still feeling a little confused and overwhelmed? Don’t worry, here at Amazzia we specialize in Amazon listing optimization. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your Amazon marketing.  



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