MAP Enforcement on Amazon

MAP Enforcement On Amazon

MAP, or minimum advertised price, is the lowest price that a brand owner will allow for the sale or resale of a product. MAP should be set by the brand owner to ensure that product sales generate profit. If other retailers resell brand products below MAP, the brand will be devalued and lose profits from those sales. If you are working with third-party retailers on Amazon, here is what you need to know about Amazon map pricing enforcement:

Does Amazon Enforce MAP?

Amazon does enforce MAP, but only when the brand owner notifies them. Keep in mind that if one of your more honest third-party resellers catches the issue, Amazon may not do much for their claim. Instead, the claim must come from you, the brand manufacturer.

How Is MAP Enforced By Amazon?

Amazon and other major markets will often enforce MAP if the brand owner notifies them of violation. If you find that your products are being sold below the preset MAP pricing policy by a third-party retailer, you can report them. Amazon will give them an initial warning. If they still do not adhere to your preset MAP pricing, Amazon will proceed to remove them as a third-party reseller.


Need Help Enforcing MAP?

Because Amazon does not have automatic MAP regulations, it is often up to brand owners to weed out and report MAP violators. The daily process of scanning for MAP violations can be tiresome -especially when you have a large inventory of products and are working with multiple third-party resellers. This is where Amazzia comes in to help with all of your Amazon MAP pricing enforcement needs. Amazzia offers a variety of services including brand distribution, protection, and optimization to help ensure that your brand continues to grow.

Contact Amazzia today and find out how we can help you protect your brand.

William Fikhman

William Fikhman

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