Amazon Listing Hijackers

Dealing With Amazon Listing Hijackers

Amazon can provide a wonderful place to sell your products and grow your brand. Unfortunately, Amazon is not without flaws and full of secrecy, especially for sellers. One of the major pain points when it comes to selling on Amazon is Amazon listing hijackers. Here is what you need to know about dealing with Amazon listing hijackers and how you can  to protect your brand:

The Problem With Hijackers

Listing hijackers pose several problems. First and most importantly, they are causing you to lose sales. One of the first ways that hijackers do is undercut your price. When a consumer sees two similar listings they are more likely to opt for the lower priced option. The hijacker is also costing you the time and effort that you put into creating a good Amazon listing- in essence taking profiting from for your hard work. Finally, the hijacker can also pose a threat to your reputation. In most cases, the product that is being pushed by the hijackers is of low quality, and hen the customer orders the cheaper product and is unhappy the negative feedback is associated with your listing.

How Do Hijackers Operate?

An Amazon listing hijacker uses unethical tactics to compete with your product. Seeing your listing, the hijacker will copy that listing and offer a similar product for a lower price thereby taking credit for the work you put into the listing by pushing their own product and essentially driving you out of the market for that specific item.

What Can I Do About Hijackers?

The best thing you can do is monitor your listings. The only way to know if you’ve been hijacked is to check each one of your listings for other sellers. The first red flag will be a dip in sales on any of your listings. Depending on how many Amazon product listings you have this could become a huge undertaking.

Unfortunately, you’ll often need to catch and report a violation before any action can be taken to remove an Amazon listing hijacker. This is where Amazzia can help. At Amazzia, we specialize in Amazon brand protection and marketing to help ensure that your brand can grow and flourish safely. Contact our team today to find out how we can help your brand thrive.



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