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“It’s been great working with Amazzia. They have been an amazing partner in not only cleaning up our unauthorized listings on Amazon, but have been integral in forecasting and creating a clear path to growth.”

– Alexia Jade Amerson, Senior Brand Manager at Mane Choice


High demand and popularity of Curly Hair Products attracted dozens of unauthorized sellers bringing Amazon trading price to as much as 50% off retail. This had a devastating effect on Curly Hair Products Brand. Such deep discounting was damaging to their brand equity, to the relationships with hair salons and to any new growth opportunities. To top off MAP policy violations, unauthorised sellers were also misrepresenting the brand by changing content on Amazon listings.

  • Dozens of unauthorized sellers
    Dozens of unauthorized sellers
  • Price dropped below 50% retail
    Price dropped below 50% retail
  • MAP policy violations
    MAP policy violations

Our Amazing Solution


Amazzia removed 100% of Pure Brazilian’s unauthorized resellers within the first 45 days. Minimum advertised price violations and damaged/used products nightmare became a thing of the past. Our team took control over Pure Brazilian’s product pages and, with the brand’s approval, we enhanced product images, infographics and descriptions. All product pages were optimized for Amazon search engine with a purpose to consistently dominate the buy box.

Removed 100% of unauthorized resellers in 45 days

Enhanced product images, infographics and descriptions

All product pages were optimized for Amazon search engine


If there is a demand for brand’s products there will always be unauthorized sellers trying to jump back on the bandwagon. That was surely the case with Curly Hair Products. After the initial clean up, our team continued to keep a watchful eye over Curly Hair Products listings and remove unauthorized sellers as they reappeared from the thin air. On average we remove 1-2 unauthorized sellers from their listings each month as well as maintain accurate product pages.

24/7 monitoring on product listings

Dedicated brand protection team


With unauthorized sellers and MAP violators problem under control, we were able to focus on growing Curly Hair Products sales on Amazon. Our marketing experts took care of everything from professional product photography, implementing Amazon SEO strategy and launching advertising campaigns. We even built out a beautiful storefront for Curly Hair Products that not only supports Amazon sales but is helpful for offline retailers and salons as well.

Built a beautiful storefront that supports amazon sales

Launched advertising campaigns and Amazon SEO Strategy


Amazon sales doubled in the first year

Removed all unauthorized sellers

Minimum advertised price in place

In the first 90 days partnering with Curly Hair Products our team had achieved an incredible success. Their Amazon product pages looked as amazing as anyone at Curly Hair Products could’ve ever imagined – unauthorized sellers removed, MAP pricing in place, pictures and descriptions done per brand’s guidelines. And we were able to sustain these amazing results over a period of 3 years.

This transformation on Amazon restored Curly Hair Products brand equity and strengthened relationships with their brick and mortar partners. As for Amazon, within the first year their sales have doubled and continued to grow year over year.

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