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Brand Protection Services Can Help You

If you own a brick and mortar store, you have to worry about shoplifting.  You might also have to worry about employees stealing cash from the register through sleight of hand and fraudulent transactions.  An online store eliminates some of those risks, but it isn’t as simple as just clicking your way to wealth.  Amazon stores, while they can be profitable, come with their own financial dangers.  A brand protection service can help your online store prevent financial losses at the hands of unscrupulous resellers.

How to Protect Your Amazon Brand

Third-party resellers are among the reasons that Amazon is such an interesting place to shop.  Buyers can find rare and discontinued items for sale by resellers.  Likewise, the fact that so many sellers can distribute the same product means that prices are competitive.  Sometimes low-priced items are just a good bargain, but are they always fair?  Third-party resellers sometimes sell products for less than the original seller would allow.

Why Choose Brand Protection?

Adopting a brand protection service protects you from third-party resellers selling your products at prices that are unfair to you.  Such a program can help you ensure that third-party sellers abide by the MAP price that you set for the product.  The MAP is the minimum advertised price that you register with Amazon for a given product.  Brand protection can even let you specify which third-party sellers are authorized to sell your products.  It can protect your online store from unfair competition by unauthorized third-party resellers.

Amazzia can give your Amazon business the brand protection service it deserves.  It can help your brand achieve greater visibility and turnover, but that is not the whole picture.  Protecting your brand from unfair competition is an important way of ensuring a successful online business.

William Fikhman

William Fikhman

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