Step Up Protection on Amazon

3 Reasons To Step Up Protection On Amazon

map price enforcement

Because of its global popularity, Amazon offers a highly competitive market. While there are plenty of opportunities, there are also several major risks, which is why marketplace protection/enforcement have taken center stage among seller discussions.

Here are three reasons to make marketplace protection/enforcement a priority:

MAP Pricing: As a creator, you have a right to price your products. Unfortunately, not all resellers will follow your pricing guidelines and will instead sell for a much higher or lower price point. While low prices are great for consumers, these may result in failure to recoup production costs on your end.

Unauthorized Sellers: While working with third-party sellers can be a great way to promote your product, you also run the risk of your customers bumping into unauthorized third-party sellers. These sellers may not live up to your standards for customer service or product quality. Unfortunately, if they are selling your product on Amazon, these sellers will be associated with your brand in the eyes of consumers.

Listing Hijackers: Like unauthorized resellers, listing hijackers also run the risk of tarnishing your brand. A hijacker will push their own products, which are often of a lower quality, under your Amazon listing. Not only does a hijacker take credit for your hard work, but they are also profiting off your product’s reputation. Unfortunately, if either a hijacker or unauthorized third-party seller offers a product of lower quality or has bad customer service, you and your brand will take the blame in the eyes of consumers.

If you need help protecting your brand, Amazzia can help. We offer marketplace protection/enforcement, MAP protection, and more.

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