Customer Service on Amazon

3 Reasons To Make Customer Service A Priority On Amazon

Amazon provides a great place to grow your brand, but that is only if you can survive a highly competitive environment. Most companies make products and advertising a priority and while both of those are important, it is equally important to ensure excellent customer service via techniques like unauthorized sales monitoring. Here’s why:

  1. Too Many Choices: Amazon shoppers have plenty of choices when it comes to buying. In fact, for every product, Amazon offers a suggestion of similar products with different prices and perks. If a consumer decides that you or a third-party seller who is promoting your product has poor customer service, they won’t shop with your brand.
  2. Consumer Expectations: Amazon consumers expect good customer service. The old adage of ‘the customer is always right’ has been indoctrinated into modern shoppers. As a result, customers expect companies and sellers alike to be accommodating to their needs. In fact, anticipating customer needs is currently being cited as an effective way to get ahead in today’s competitive market.
  3. The Power Of Reviews: Today’s consumers put more weight on reviews than before.. If a customer is dissatisfied with your product, they are more likely to leave bad reviews. This is especially troublesome for individuals who are dealing with unauthorized third-party sellers and listing hijackers because the bad reviews will still be associated with your products.

Amazon offers some help with this  but you, as the brand owner, will still need to do your part by putting in place a system for unauthorized sales monitoring and setting policies that satisfy consumer interests. If you’re struggling with unauthorized sellers or listing hijackers, Amazzia is here to help. Not only will we protect your products, but we will also help you restore your reputation and help you get ahead in the competitive Amazon marketplace.




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