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Achieve Your True
Amazon Potential

You’re trying to grow your business on Amazon but are getting caught up with typical day-to-day management. Our team takes on the heavy lifting so you can focus on growth.

Average Client Growth 35% YoY

Cumulative Sales

Amazon Experience

Let's Overcome Your Amazon Issues​

Through our years of experience building brands on Amazon, we understand the challenges you’re facing in the online marketplace. Does this sound familiar?

  • Unauthorized resellers are ruining your brand’s reputation.
  • Not sure which market opportunities to expand your brand.
  • You have limited knowledge of scaling your brand on Amazon.

We Deliver Custom Solutions for Your Specific Amazon Needs

Amazon is our specialty! We know exactly how to help brands across various industries find success on the eCommerce platform through our different levels of partnership.

Full-Service Partnership

We provide everything you need so you can only focus on growing and expanding your brand into new markets, from managing inventory and operations to marketing optimization and scaling.

Brand Protection

Your brand is protected 24/7 by our team of Amazon Insiders. We help you build an Amazon infrastructure with a full reseller, MAP, and warranty policy.

1P to 3P Transition

Want to move to Seller Central? Unsure if going to 3P is the right move for your business? We work with you to ensure your brand is ready and help make the transition easy every step of the way.

Not Sure Which Solution Is Right for Your Brand?

Discover where Amazzia would best serve your brand by talking to one of our Amazon Insiders.

Amazzia True Experts

Amazon Insiders,
Not Software

Software products simply can’t measure up to our team’s capabilities, or match our proven results. Unlike software, our teams’ vigilant eyes aren’t easily tricked by deceptive rogue sellers.

We don’t just identify unauthorized sellers and brand erosion, we solve the complex issue with prowess and care. Through personalized service and direct reporting, we deliver results that empower brands just like yours to thrive in the Amazon marketplace.

Amazzia True Experts

Amazzia Guarantees

90/90 Guarantee

We guarantee to remove 90% or more of your problem sellers in 90 days or less.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our service, we don’t require a long-term agreement.

24/7/365 Protection

Our Amazon enforcement team monitors and protects your listings 24/7/365.

Our Amazing Brand Stories

Our Amazing Brand Stories

See Success Stories

Outdoor Brand

Hair Care Brand

Beauty Brand

  • 159% Sales Increase in the First Year
  • 95% Removal of Unauthorized Resellers in 60 days
  • 100% MAP Compliance
  • 2X Increase in Amazon sales in the first year
  • 100% Removal of unauthorized resellers in 45 days
  • 100% Product pages optimized for Amazon search engine
  • 226% Increase in Amazon sales in the first year
  • 100% Removal of unauthorized resellers in 45 days
  • 100% MAP Compliance

Let's Scale Your Brand on Amazon

Schedule a 15-minute meeting with one of our Amazon Insiders to:

  • Discover negative factors affecting your brand’s revenue
  • identify specific opportunities to enhance your rand’s growth efforts
  • Develop a plan for reaching your Amazon sales potential with our team